Bereavement notification form

This form lets you notify us if you've recently lost someone close to you who banked with us. Once filled out, we'll stop any further letters, emails or texts. It might take up to three months for everything to stop fully. We will also freeze any sole current or savings accounts and credit cards. Keep in mind this will stop any incoming and outgoing payments, like bills and direct debits. If you have any concerns regarding payments in or out of the account, call us on 0800 056 0073.

Who should fill out this form?

This form is for people who aren't ready to speak to one of our bereavement advisers over the phone or in branch. You should only fill out this form if:

  • you're the next of kin, executor or administrator of the estate
  • you know the account details of the person who has died
  • you understand that you'll have to speak to us over the phone or in branch at some point in the future to continue the process

Otherwise, we recommend you call us on 0800 056 0073 so that we can advise next steps or schedule a visit to your local branch.

Filling out the form

Please make sure you have your details and their account details to hand. Once you've completed the form it will be sent to our bereavement team. Keep in mind this only starts the process. To continue it we'll still need you to call us or visit one of our branches at some point in the future.

Your details

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Details of the deceased

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Their account details

You only need to let us know the details of one account, but all savings, bank accounts and credit cards in their sole name will be frozen.