Ask to take a payment holiday

If you need to take a short break from paying all or part of your mortgage, for whatever reason, let us know here.

You can take up to a maximum 3 months' payment holiday if you've been affected by the coronavirus, in any way.

We're currently dealing with a much higher number of phone calls than usual, so you may find it quickest to ask for a payment holiday by using the form below.

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How it works

1. Fill in the details below - it only takes 2minutes.

2. We'll send you a text message in 3-5 days to let you know if you can take a payment holiday.

3. If you take a mortgage payment holiday, this means that you wouldn't make mortgage payments for up to three months and we'll add these payments onto your mortgage balance. As a result, your mortgage balance will increase and your monthly payment will be recalculated over your remaining mortgage term. Your monthly payment and the amount of interest you pay will increase for the remaining term of your mortgage. We'll let you your new monthly amount at the end of your payment holiday.

4. If your mortgage is not in arrears, then your payment holiday will not impact your credit rating. You will not go in to arrears on your mortgage.

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Before you get started

It's important to note that the amount you owe will go up as we'll still charge interest for the duration of your payment holiday.

Please make sure you have your mortgage account number to hand.

You should also be aware that because we're busier than usual, it may take up to 10 working days for your payment holiday to take effect.

If your next mortgage payment is due in the next 10 working days, your payment holiday may not start until the following month. We will confirm to you via text the start date of your payment holiday.

You can see when your next mortgage payment is due by signing in to Online Banking and viewing the statement of the bank account from which your Direct Debit is paid.

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About your request

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Before applying for this payment holiday, please confirm that:

- You and anyone else named on the mortgage are aware that your monthly payments will go up after your payment holiday has ended.

- You only need this payment holiday due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) related reasons and don't have pre-existing financial difficulties. If your mortgage account is in arrears, we have other ways of helping you. Please visit our financial difficulty page to find out more:

- You and anyone else named on the mortgage are aware that you will need to review any insurance policies which are calculated on the balance of your mortgage.

- Your mortgage payments are fully up-to-date.

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How we process your personal information

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